$39.99 saving $10.00
$39.99 saving $10.00
Fast Charging
Packed with 2600 mAh of wireless fast charging, the PocketPort is optimized for maximum output. Designed for a variety of devices ranging from mobile phones to laptops and video game controllers, our charger supports all modes of charging needs.
Device Compatibility
Our wireless chargers support all standard port types for most modern devices including but not limited to, USB-C, Micro USB, and Lightning Cables. Custom designed with a durable magnetic port connector, the PocketPort provides seamless charging accessibility without unnecessary cables in the way.
Neat & Discrete
Sourced from premium materials, the Pocket Port is designed to meet all charging needs without a bulky frame. With specialized technology, the PocketPort is equipped with 15W of fast charging power while maintaining a light weight and durable composition.
Designed to Last
Featuring four panels indicating battery life, the PocketPort can power any three devices up to full charge within one full charge of its own. Requiring only thirty minutes to full charge, the Pocket Port ensures you'll stay charged on-the-go seamlessly.
Quick & Clean
Designed with a waterproof shell, the PocketPort is adaptable to even the harshest environments allowing for effective and efficient charging without concern for durability. 

Technical Specifications

Look inside the PocketPort - The world's most powerful portable charger.

  • Charger

    The PocketPort's magnetic connectors come ready for any iPhone (iPhone 5 or newer), all Android devices that utilize a MicroUSB or Type-C charger connection, and even any tablet or MP3 player that use a Lightning Cable, MicroUSB, or Type-C charger connection.

  • Battery

    The 2,600mAh rechargeable battery will add up to an additional 150% battery life to most phones. You can recharge via any USB port for 1-2 hours between uses.

  • Design

    PocketPort's compact and portable design is ideal for tucking into a pocket, backpack or purse so you always have a fully charged phone wherever you are. With a built-in keychain housing, this cordless travel charger is even easy to carry on your keychain.

  • Safety

    Built-in safety features prevent the battery from overheating and the charger from losing battery life when it isn't connected to a device.